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[METHOD] Easy way to make $100+ per day.

With a little bit of work, this method can easily be scaled to $100+ per day with zero investment. I’m not doing this currently because I’ve moved onto other things.
What you are going to be doing is selling leads, but not just any ordinary leads. Because these will be active buyers of a particular product or service, they are highly valuable. Also, they can be sourced with minimal effort resulting in unlimited scaling potential for this method.
Step 1: Identify a gig on Fiverr that has at least 500 reviews. If the gig has multiple orders in que, even better. Make sure the seller is reputable and the reviews appear to be authentic, otherwise this won’t work. Look for services that are always going to be in demand, and ideally have good profit margins (if you are doing this with a $5 service it won’t be as lucrative, you may want to add a filter when searching gigs and change the minimum price to $20+).
Step 2: Scrape the usernames of the reviewers and import them into a spreadsheet. If you don’t have a scraper, you may need to do this part manually, but that’s fine because you will need to do a bit of manual research anyways. Gather comprehensive data on each lead – the more the merrier. Company name, email address, phone number, and website is a good start. Simply input the username you scraped into Google – a lot of reviewers on Fiverr use their business name as there username.
Step 3: Find a company on the internet that offers the same product or service as the Fiverr gig you scraped the reviewers from, and sell them the leads. It’s really that simple. Make sure to emphasize the value – (“they are real, engaged buyers that are highly interested in what you have to offer!”).
As far as pricing goes, you should be able to sell them for $1-$5 each. Once you have an established relationship with a client you can workout a monthly fee for ongoing leads. To get your first client, I recommend providing a sample batch of leads for free.
This can be scaled to infinity by hiring a VA to scrape the usernames & emails. Considering the VA does his/her job properly, all you’ll have to do is outreach to sell the leads. You can acquire clients through cold email, or even cold calling if you’re good on the phone (this is honestly what I recommend). You are providing real value here, and they will pay you for that. This method is used by my friend xshot.
If you found value in this method, drop a thumbs up. Much more to come. Good luck to you all.
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